Somno-Art is an ambulatory monitoring device allowing the scoring of the user’s sleep internal structure with results equivalent to those obtained from the complex polysomnography (PSG)

Based on the recordings of two basic and easy-to-measure physiological variables, heart rate and body movements, our in-house software produces a full description of the sleep architecture

Designed for
Scientists and Doctors

In the clinical research and patients diagnosis fields, the current scientific solutions limit the possibility for scientists and doctors to score sleep accurately and on a large scale

Somno-Art brings this opportunity to produce comprehensive hypnograms and full sleep architecture and continuity parameters description to the professionals

Offering Clinical Data at Home

Somno-Art can also be used at home. Anyone seeking to better understand his sleep, or assess potential sleep disorders, while avoiding the complexity and uncomfort of PSG, will find in Somno-Art an ambulatory and easy-to-use solution



An automatic sleep scoring solution

Heart rate and body motor activity can be used to discriminate between wake and sleep as well as to distinguish all sleep stages and their transitions

These two physiological measures are used by the software to automatically score the hypnogram


Ambulatory & Versatile

A fully automated, wearable device will allow the user-friendly recording of sleep and vigilance states….

… Independent of location of the user (home, clinic, travel)


With results equivalent to PSG

A study have been conducted over sixty 24-hour recordings including heart rate and body motility

Sleep architecture and continuity results obtained through Somno-ART were equivalent to those obtained by manual analysis of simultaneously recorded PSG



The device allows reliable and reproducible data acquisitions of the physiological variables necessary to perform sleep scoring

The versions to follow will extend the data collection during the 24-hour period

Features in Development

Our R&D team is always working on the solution in order to improve both the device and the software

Currently, the main developments concern the detection of sleep disorders and the incorporation of questionnaires and cognitive tests


Detection of some sleep disorders

By improving our algorithms, and adding environmental parameter recordings to the device, the next generation of Somno-Art will be able to alert for possible sleep disorders, including apneas and restless leg


Questionnaires and cognitive tests

By adding a small screen to the device, the user will be able to answer questions and perform simple tests to assess daytime levels of attention and vigilance

The Founders

The Team

PPRS, the Strategic Partnering Organization, is accompanying Somno-Art, and is managing a team of more than 20 people to develop the solution

The Shareholders

The Partners

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