The innovative wearable medical device for objective sleep measurements.

Currently, there are no clinically validated option between the gold-standard polysomnography and the actimeter available for researchers, clinicians and patients.

That is why PPRS, a French medical device manufacturer, has developed the first automatic ambulatory solution that simplifies sleep scoring.

Somno-Art, a CE marked medical device, is composed of an electronic armband that captures physiological data and a stand-alone software to generate medical grade sleep reports, with results equivalent to the polysomnography.

Designed for researchers

Somno-Art is the perfect tool for researchers looking to use the sleep biomarker in their studies, either for academic or drug-development related purposes, in an easy and robust way.

The solution allows to do recordings on large cohorts, with minimal discomfort for patients, hence with a high acceptance rate.

Offering Clinical Data to Clinicians and Patients

Today, between 10% and 20% of the population encounters sleep disturbances which can be the direct consequence of sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy...), linked to other diseases (cardiovascular or metabolic disorders such as diabetes, anxiety or depressive disorders...) but also due to behavioral, professional or environmental factors (stress, shift work, exposure to screens, ambient temperature...). These disorders, which are complex to diagnose, are recognized as a major health problem.

With Somno-Art, physicians have now the ability to quickly diagnose the quality of sleep of their patients, to continuously monitor their sleep, and to understand the possible adverse-effects of prescribed therapies. Doctors can better assist their patients to improve their sleep and quality of life.

Hospitals will be able to free up beds usually reserved for Polysomnography (PSG) testing and facilitate remote and long-term monitoring of patient sleep.


An automatic sleep scoring solution

Heart rate and body motor activity can be used to discriminate between wake and sleep as well as to distinguish all sleep stages and their transitions. These two physiological measures are used by the software to automatically score the hypnogram.


A fully automated, wearable device will allow the user-friendly recording of sleep and vigilance states… Independent of location of the user (home, clinic, travel).

With results equivalent to PSG

Several studies have been conducted recording with PSG, heart rate and body motility devices on healthy volunteers and patients with sleep or CNS disorders. Sleep architecture and continuity results obtained through Somno-Art were equivalent to those obtained by visual scoring of simultaneously recorded PSG.


The first version of the device, currently under development, will allow robust and precise data acquisitions of heart beats and body movements. The versions to follow will extend the data collection during the 24-hour period.

Publications and communication

First validation study of somno-art software against gold standard polysomnography in healthy subjects

In 2016, our team has conducted a first study with sixty 24-hour recordings including heart rate and body motility of healthy volunteers. We have shown that the sleep architecture and continuity results obtained with Somno-Art Software were equivalent to those obtained by visual scoring of simultaneously recorded PSG. These results have been published in Sleep Medicine, the official journal of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and International Pediatric Sleep Association.

Comparative Analyses of Hypnograms Between Somno-Art and Visual Scorers
Somno-art software : a new technology to assess sleep architecture in disturbed sleep profiles

In 2018, PPRS has shown new results on the Somno-Art performances during the 24th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society in Basel, Switzerland. Based on the statistical analyses as mean intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC), good and excellent agreement were found between the PSG visual scoring and the Somno-Art analyses for the various sleep parameters.

Main results comparisons
Somno-Art Software fills the gap between actimetry and polysomnography in accurately and efficiently characterizing sleep

Somno-Art Software is more consistent than actimetry in characterizing sleep architecture of heathy and pathological subjects. Furthermore, Somno-Art Software discriminates sleep stages closely to PSG.

Main results comparisons
Validation of Somno-Art Software, a novel approach of sleep staging, compared with polysomnography in disturbed sleep profiles

In 2021, new results have been published in the journal Sleep Advances. They indicate that Somno-Art is a reliable tool for the characterization of sleep parameters in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, or major depressive disorder. Somno-Art opens new insights to measure sleep at home and could for instance complement existing non-attended techniques measuring sleep-related breathing pattern or be a useful alternative to laboratory-based PSG when this latter is not available.

Main results comparisons

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